"Bitch as Sheepdog" and "My Scorpion," Memorious, Issue 32

"Stingray," VIDA Review

"Testimony of the Alpha" and "Her Testimony," Couplet Poetry

"The Honorable Answer Speaks" and "The Victims' Attorney: Opening Statement," Diode Poetry

"Bitch Interrupts a Wedding," The Missouri Review Poem of the Week

"The Pool" and "The New Hospital," The Cortland Review, Issue 86

Four Poems and an Interview in The Adroit Journal, Issue 35

"Expecting," Poem of the Week at Poetry Northwest

"Loving Ophelia Is," Juxtaprose

"May the Stars Guide You Safely Home," "The Pink Bathroom," "Attic," "A Joke," The Seventh Wave

"Blues in Kansas City" and "The Museum of Who We Used to Be," South Florida Poetry Journal

"Different Kinds of Sadness," The Missouri Review Poem of the Week

"In Which Ophelia Reopens the Box of Hamlet's Drawings," Juxtaprose

"Vice," The Pinch (audio)

Selections from "The Spirit Change," Connotation Press: An Online Artifact

"Love Song of the Demogorgon," Tupelo Quarterly

"Epistle from the Hospital for Text Messaging," Gulf Coast

"Epistle from the Hospital for Harassment," The Journal

"After Pawning the Engagement Ring," SWIMM Every Day

"Step-," Bellevue Literary Review

"Graviton" and "The Night I Left," Stirring: A Literary Collection

"Digital Infinity" and "Apology," Public Pool

"Playing Tornado," The Blueshift Journal

"Storm Coming," The Missouri Review

"Echolocation," The Adroit Journal

The Boiler Journal (Three Poems)

Mudlark Poster No. 115 (Four Poems)

"Narrative," Verse Daily (Winner of the 2013 Third Coast Poetry Prize)


Poetry is Rocket Science: An Interview with Jenny Molberg, Los Angeles Review of Books 


American Literary Review Editor's Corner with Stevie Edwards: An Interview with Jenny Molberg of Pleiades


How a Poem Happens: Contemporary Poets Discuss the Making of Poems, with Brian Brodeur


An Interview with Jenny Molberg, Poet and English Professor, American University


Professor of Magic: the Story of an Award-Winning Poet at UCM

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