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Jenny Molberg

Selected Book Reviews

"Healing and Hope: A Trio Review of Recent Poetry Books to Challenge How We Heal," by Stephen J. Furlong, Ecotheo

"The Struggle of Spirit: A Review of Refusal: Poems," by Aline Soules, Tupelo Quarterly

"Canaries and Coal Mines," a Review of Jenny Molberg's Refusal by Kara Dorris, The Adroit Journal

Marvels of the Invisible: Book Review by Tyler Robert Sheldon, The Los Angeles Review of Books

"Intentions, Inquiries, and Impossible Tasks: Jenny Molberg's Marvels of the Invisible,"

by Matthew Minicucci, The Rumpus

"Poetry by Dean Radar, Elizabeth Powell, Jenny Molberg," by Diana Whitney, San Francisco Chronicle

Marvels of the Invisible, reviewed by Sara Rauch, Colorado Review

Book Review: Marvels of the Invisible by Jenny Molberg, by Alyse Bensel, Poetry International

Jenny Molberg's Marvels of the Invisible, by Lee Rossi, Pedestal Magazine

Marvels of the Invisible by Jenny Molberg, by George Longenecker, Rain Taxi

Marvels of the Invisible by Jenny Molberg, Publisher's Weekly

Selected Interviews

Epistles from the Poetics of Fury: An Interview in Correspondences, with Kathryn Nuernberger, The Bind

Verve {in} Verse: Jenny Molberg: An Interview with Rosebud Ben-Oni for the Kenyon Review

"Poetry Is Rocket Science: An Interview with Jenny Molberg," by Anthony Immergluck, The Los Angeles Review of Books

Editor's Corner: An Interview with Jenny Molberg of Pleiades, by Stevie Edwards, American Literary Review

An Interview with Jenny Molberg, Poet and Professor, American University 

An Interview with Jenny Molberg, by Savannah Bradley, Pleiades Press